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InterCanto Ltd is a little booking agency and voice studio established in March 2017 by vocalist and singing teacher Heini Dahlroos. InterCanto specializes in vocal music production, instruction, performance and distribution of vocal music services. We also provide a variety of musicians to meet your needs for instrumental music.

Since the dawn of time, music has been an integral part of people’s lives. Some of us listen to it, relate to the lyrics and are touched by music. Others wish to convey emotions and thoughts by performing music, and need instruction for it. We help these people find each other.

InterCanto offers in Satakunta and Pirkanmaa unique and professional musical performances for all situations, ranging from family gatherings to business concerts, with or without singing. Our voice studios in Pori and Kiikoinen of Sastamala helps singers further develop their skill. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Heini Dahlroos
Heini Dahlroos, Owner & Entrepreneur



Unforgettable Performances for Parties, Occasions and Events

You can book a variety of musical performances for private and business events both big and small via our booking agency. InterCanto has contacts with professional musicians who would be happy to perform at your event. We offer vocal performances in various languages, and some of the performers in our ranks speak different languages fluently.

We always strive towards finding the best possible artist for our clients’ events – someone who makes your party truly unforgettable, or helps develop or enforce your brand in a business event. All our performers are trained professionals who can be trusted to act professionally in any situation, and who are passionate about their craft.

About Musical Performances

InterCanto offers musical performances in three categories depending on the size of the event – Piccolo for smaller events, Medium for medium-sized events and Grande for big events. All services can be tailored to fit your needs. Let us know what you dream of, and we will present you with an offer based on our pricing and the details of the event. Hopefully we can help turn your dream into reality.

At its simplest, a singer or a musician can perform a cappella, ‘without accompaniment’. If the event takes place in a church, the cantor can accompany the performance on organ or piano if present. Some of our performers also accompany themselves on different instruments. The performers can perform either solo or as a duo, triplet, quartet or band. We can also arrange accompaniment for a soloist from various instruments, including violins, cello, guitar, accordion, piano, wind instruments, harp and percussion. We also have contacts with many bands and groups, ranging from string quartets to wedding bands. The range of the performance can be anything from one song to a full concert. InterCanto performances are often completely unplugged, but on some occasions and venues amplification is necessary, especially for popular music and band performances.

We perform both popular and classical music, even during the same show. Combining various genres is also a possibility. If necessary, we can also assist in picking the perfect songs for your event. Performances in church services must take into consideration the nature of the event, and all song requests must be approved by either the cantor or the priest.

In addition to the actual performance, the total price includes prep work with other musicians, travel expenses (both within and outside the Pori region) and other business expenses. Additionally, costs from arranging songs for larger ensembles will be added to the price.



InterCanto Voice Studio offers high-quality singing lessons in Pori and Kiikoinen without mandatory entrance exams or commitment. The teacher is Heini Dahlroos, owner of InterCanto. Heini is a classically trained vocalist, for whom singing has been a passion and a vocation for over 20 years. Heini performs both popular and classical music, and has been teaching singing since 2007.

Singing lessons are personal and customised to fit each student’s needs. Anyone who is interested in singing is welcome, from complete beginners to professionals. Tell us what you would like to sing, and we will create you a personalised syllabus to support your musical journey.

Welcome to be inspired!

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